About Broadway in Cincinnati

No Sponsor CIN_Logo_AllVersions-01Broadway in Cincinnati is committed to bringing the very best of Broadway to the Tri-State. We have presented touring Broadway plays and musicals in Cincinnati since 1987, originally at the historic Taft Theatre. We began presenting shows at the Aronoff Center’s Procter & Gamble Hall in 1995, and the Aronoff remains our home.

Broadway in Cincinnati has hosted national tours of some of the biggest shows in history, including The Lion KingThe Phantom of the OperaWickedJersey BoysSunset BoulevardMiss SaigonCatsLes Misérables and more. We annually entertain over 250,000 audience members.

As part of our commitment to the future of the arts, we extend a limited number of greatly discounted tickets to deserving schools in the Greater Cincinnati area. These tickets are subsidized by voluntary contributions from our generous Subscribers.

Our offices and retail ticket counter are located downtown in the Aronoff Center, at 650 Walnut Street. 041_CIN_1415_new logo_two sponsors_4C

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