Famous Bohemians & The Monmartre

“The art and the Bohemian lifestyle have always been akin. Fully immersed in creativity, famous bohemianartists defined art as their religion and saw themselves as non-conformists opposed to the conventions ofbourgeois society — drifters, visionaries or madmen possessed by inspiration.” Martinique, E. (April 24, 2016). “Famous Artists of the 20th Century Who Knew How To... Continue Reading →

The Bohemian State of Mind

The Bohemian values of Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Love predominate throughout Moulin Rouge! The Musical. Let’s explore what Bohemianism is (its values and culture), and what it represented to turn-of-the-century Bohemians as compared with the artists of the 21st century. We will also delve into some of the risks and costs that are incurred when... Continue Reading →

MOULIN ROUGE! The Musical Synopsis and Story

SYNOPSISChristian, a young composer, falls in love with Satine, a dazzling actress and one of Paris’s most beautiful, well-known stars. Based on the 2001 film, “Moulin Rouge!” directed by Baz Luhrmann and co-written by Craig Pearce, Moulin Rouge! The Musical is set in Paris, France, at the turn of the 20th century during the Belle... Continue Reading →

Moulin Rouge! The Musical: Making a Stage Spectacular

By David Cote Along with baseball, rock ‘n’ roll and jazz, the Broadway musical is uniquely American. And, like any cultural tradition, it didn’t just appear. Its origins lie in 19th-century European operetta, which emigrated to the New World, got mixed up with jazz, chorus girls and vaudeville comedy—and before you know it, you’ve got... Continue Reading →

The 5-1-3 with TOOTSIE’s Kyra Christopher

Here at Broadway in Cincinnati, there’s nothing we love more than when folks with Queen City connections return to perform on the Aronoff stage.  When we have locals coming to town, we like to ask them a few questions we call “The 5-1-3.” Meet Kyra Christopher from Tootsie LOCAL CONNECTIONS: Kyra earned her BFA in Musical... Continue Reading →

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