MRS. DOUBTFIRE to feature Tony-nominee Rob McClure reprising title role from Broadway

“Mrs. Doubtfire”, the beloved 1993 film that captured the hearts of audiences worldwide, has been reborn as an endearing new family musical. This delightful adaptation takes the endearing story of love, family, and self-discovery to new heights with its catchy songs, talented cast, and memorable performances—
most notably a tour-de-force turn by Tony nominee Rob McClure, who drew rave reviews for his portrayal of Daniel Hilliard/ Euphegenia Doubtfire on Broadway and will reprise that role on tour in Cincinnati.

The musical adaptation of Mrs. Doubtfire brings the heart and soul of the original film to the stage. Retaining the essence of the beloved story, the musical expands upon the narrative, enriching it with new songs, vibrant choreography, and a fresh perspective, breathing new life into the tale while remaining
faithful to the core elements that made the film so beloved.

One of the standout features of the Mrs. Doubtfire musical is its incredible score. Composed by Wayne Kirkpatrick and Karey Kirkpatrick (whose work was most recently seen here at the Aronoff in Something Rotten! in 2017), the music is a fusion of catchy tunes and heartfelt ballads. The songs effortlessly capture the emotions and inner struggles of the characters, elevating the storytelling.

The success of the Mrs. Doubtfire musical rests heavily on the shoulders of its talented cast. McClure, who enjoyed standing ovations each performance on Broadway, brings a perfect balance of humor, vulnerability, and warmth to the iconic role of the inimitable nanny. With remarkable skill and attention to detail—not to mention a jaw-dropping number of quick-changes—McClure flawlessly transitions between the charmingly eccentric nanny and the lovable but imperfect father, delivering a performance that is both charming and heartfelt.

To add to the special heart of the Broadway touring production, another Broadway favorite, renowned actress and McClure’s wife-in-real-life Maggie Lakis will play the role of Miranda Hillard in the show. Both Lakis and McClure were last seen at the Aronoff in the touring Broadway production Something Rotten! in 2017 and will embark on tour together again this year. “We’ll be getting divorced eight times a week on stage across the country,” noted Lakis in a Facebook greeting from the couple to the show’s fans. “It’s a good thing we like each other in real life,” added McClure.

“It is a very rare and special event when the star of a Broadway musical takes the show on the road,” said Mrs. Doubtfire producer Kevin McCollum. “Rob won the hearts of theatregoers and huge critical acclaim for creating one of the great musical comedy roles in Broadway history. I am thrilled that audiences across the country are not only going to be able to laugh and tear-up at Rob’s landmark performance, but also see a magical onstage chemistry with Maggie. Our show is all about family, so to have Rob and Maggie leading this on the road, it couldn’t be more perfect.”

Cincinnati audiences will be in good hands when they catch this story of love, acceptance, and the true meaning of family this December.

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