Meet the Staff: Aronoff House Manager Chuck Beatty

Contributed by Aronoff usher Jack Williams

I recently got the opportunity to sit down with Chuck Beatty, the House Manager at the Aronoff Center, to speak with him about the job he took over last spring, the Aronoff, and the art of theater.

Chuck attended a broadcasting school right out of high school where he studied Radio and Television.  That career was cut short – Chuck needed a full time job with benefits.

What led you to theater?
I was in theater all throughout high school and while working in Mason I learned about a community theater group and auditioned for a play.  Theater has always been a part of my life and now I had found an outlet as an adult. 

Have you always wanted a career in the theater?
I have always wanted a job in the entertainment field.  I imagined myself as a talk show host.  I remember going to NYC and attending tapings of The Late Show with David Letterman, Montel Williams and the Today Show.  I related most to Live with Regis and Kathie Lee and always hoped to take his place.

What kind of work do you do between acting and other theater work?
Volunteering for local charities.  I work with my partner who is an artist and attend art shows selling his original work. 

What makes you excited about your role at the Aronoff?
With a history of planning events and a background in HR and Customer service, I could not have asked for a better opportunity or a place to work than the Aronoff Center.  In addition, I grew up in Cincinnati and feel with this opportunity I’m able to share what makes this city great.  I’m able to welcome people into our house and let them escape what troubles they may be having and wrap themselves into the character on the stage. 

We have an amazing opportunity as the Front of House staff to impact the entire patron experience.  I look forward to making that experience even better.

Chuck has a lot of experience acting in some of the best little theaters that Greater Cincinnati has to offer.  That means he has some chops because those theaters are run by some pretty serious people. Add to that impressive list his award-winning work (that would be The Audience Choice Award) as a film producer and his determination to bring back an LGBT film festival to Cincinnati, and we have an exciting and dynamic person heading up our Front of House staff!

Additional trivia about Chuck:

  • He grew up in Newtown.
  • He graduated from Turpin High School and Connecticut School of Broadcasting.
  • His favorite Broadway musical is RENT.  “I auditioned for the part of Mark for a local community theater production.  I got a callback, but did not get the part.”
  • Best memory of the Aronoff Center before working here: “I was in the cast of a CMT show that was performed at the Jarson-Kaplan in 2006.  I remember entering the Stage Door and walking past the dressing rooms of the Procter & Gamble Hall and knowing that I wanted to be either on that large stage or in some way a part of the experience.”
  • Favorite restaurant near the theater: Nicholson’s
  • What he likes best about interacting with Aronoff guests:  “I enjoy hearing where people are from and the stories they share about having seen the show before.”


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