THE KING AND I Teacher Contest

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Together with Local 12, WKRC-TV, we’re looking for Tri-State students* to Nominate a Queen City Teacher who deserves to be King or Queen for a Day!

Nominate your teacher with a 500 word essay or a video uploaded to YouTube explaining why they’re so deserving and send that to us at by Monday, April 9th.

The winning teacher will receive:
• 4 tickets to THE KING AND I on Tuesday, April 17th
• Dinner at Montgomery Inn (The Ribs King)
• A school supply shopping spree
• Teacher’s choice of a spa treatment or a round of golf at
Top Golf

The nominator of the winning teacher will receive their own pair of tickets for the show on the 17th as well!

*Students under 18 will need a parent to send in the nomination on their behalf.

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  1. I am a fellow teacher of Aryn Johnson. I don’t know that our students will see this in time to nominate her so I am writing to ask you that you consider her for the four tickets to the King and I and dinner. She is one of the most devoted teachers I have ever met and I have taught 29 years. She works with me in my Algebra II class. We work with ELL students (English as a second language). She translates, provides notes on Google Classroom, and designs all kinds of activities that not only help our ELL students but other struggling students. She works day and night to design activities that will help our kids with homework, classwork, and testing.
    The ELL population is often, a forgotten group of kids. On the west side and at Dater High School, we are growing at a huge pace. She tracks down kids who might be lost due to working late nights, or kids who just need a little extra help. People like Aryn just don’t get enough credit. Without her, many of my students would not be doing as well as they are now. We still have work to do but with Aryn, this world is a much better and brighter place for these kids where many of them don’t have any parents here to help them.
    She is always a positive, bright light in my students and my life. Her help in preparing our kids for the EOC (State graduation tests) has been invaluable. She helps them build confidence in their math skills and when we team teach, the kids do much better and retain way more information. She helps an old dog learn new tricks, she gives me suggestions on how to improve and relate to kids where English may be an obstacle. She gives me advice on how to try new things. She helps them connect to the real world and is truly a priceless asset to Dater High School and my Algebra II class. Aryn is a kind, positive, bright light I truly hope you consider her for this award. Thank you so much for this opportunity. Sue Bilz

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