The 5-1-3 with THE BOOK OF MORMON’S Ron Bohmer

Here at Broadway in Cincinnati, there’s nothing we love more than when folks with Queen City connections return to perform on the Aronoff stage.  When we have locals coming to town, we like to ask them a few questions we call “The 5-1-3.”

Meet Cincinnati native Ron Bohmer from THE BOOK OF MORMON:

FIVE: Five of your favorite things

  • My Wife- sappy, but true – she’s the most brilliant/beautiful/fun person on the planet
  • My Kids- also Sappy but true – my Daughters are complete Rockstars
  • Art – this is an intentionally broad answer to cover every aspect of creative expression Dogs – we’ve raised 2. I think we might be ready for the 3rd.
  • Playing guitar- I started learning 3 years ago. The fact that I’m doing this, even late in life, brings me unparalleled joy.
  • 6 (bonus)- Comic Book Heroes, especially Superman

ONE:  Your #1 or First Broadway Show 

1/2 of GODSPELL at the Shubert Theatre NYC – when I was 16, Norman Weiss (former SCPA teacher and current pianist/conductor at PHANTOM in NYC) and I borrowed my mother’s car and we drove 2 other SCPA students to New York to begin their scholarship training with dance theater of Harlem. We had literally just a weekend to drive up there and back before we had to be back at work. After dropping them off we had just enough time to second-act a Broadway show. only seeing half of it, it was still transformative. It was a crazy whirlwind, yet somehow appropriate for my first time in New York. A wonderful metaphor for cramming as much life as possible into the short time we have.

THREE: How do you take your 3-Way (or what’s your Skyline order?)

3 way, 1 cheese coney, no onions. Diet Coke. PS -I only allow myself to eat like about once a year, but oh boy, Skyline is Crack!

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