The 5-1-3 with Joel Newsome from CHARLIE & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY

Here at Broadway in Cincinnati, there’s nothing we love more than when folks with Queen City connections return to perform on the Aronoff stage.  When we have locals coming to town, we like to ask them a few questions we call “The 5-1-3.”

Meet Joel Newsome, University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music graduate and ‘Jerry Jubilee’ in CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY:

FIVE: Five of your favorite things

  1. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream
  2. A cold beer in hand while sitting in a lawn chair on a Florida beach.
  3. Talking for hours with an old friend
  4. Taking long road trips.
  5. Binge watching a good TV series


ONE:  Your #1 or First Broadway Show 

  • My First was Dreamgirls (Original cast)
  • My favorite is Pippin (Fosse Version)


THREE: How do you take your 3-Way (or what’s your Skyline order?)

  • I am a four way guy.  Beans for the onions.


See Joel on the Aronoff stage with CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY October 23-November 4. Get tickets here:

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