Markers for ‘Matilda!’ Audience members make historic donation to Crayons to Computers


Broadway in Cincinnati audiences attending Matilda were invited to bring creative school supplies to benefit Cincinnati non-profit Crayons to Computers.  Theater-goers responded in a huge way, bringing almost 2,000 packages of school supplies.

Susan Frankel, president and CEO of Crayons to Computers noted that the Broadway in Cincinnati collection was by far the most successful collection of this type that the non-profit has ever done.


Frankel says “The response by the Cincinnati community for the request to provide much-needed supplies like pencils, crayons and markers during Matilda is overwhelmingly inspiring.  These tools in the hands of the kids in our community lead to the development of future artists, architects, lawyers, business owners and arts supporters.”

For an underprivileged child, every school supply holds the potential for something new, something bigger, something better.  Confronting the school day without the tools a student needs can set a child back immeasurably. Crayons to Computers is dedicated to providing kids with the supplies to succeed in school and life by operating a free store for teachers, where educators can shop for school supplies to give to their students.

“In the musical Matilda, the title character faces adversity at school and home, but uses her clever imagination and quick thinking to rise above her challenges,” says Broadway in Cincinnati general manager Genevieve Holt. “Crayons to Computers helps Cincinnati kids take on challenges in life and in school by giving them the tools to put them on an equal playing field with their classmates and ignite their imagination.”



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