Full Listing: Cincinnati Bakers Submit Prize-Worthy Pie Recipes for WAITRESS Contest

In November, Broadway in Cincinnati and Local 12 WKRC-TV put out a call for original, inspiring and whimsical pie recipes from local bakers.  Dozens of TriState bakers answered the call, submitting over 40 delectable recipes.

The Local 12 morning show team chose a winner from 3 finalists, and June Daley’s “Peanut Butter Proposals layered with Hot Fudge Lust” Pie took the top prize (and left morning anchor Bob Herzog at a loss for words.) June’s winning recipe will be included in the WAITRESS cookbook available for purchase during the show’s engagement January 9 – 21, 2018.

The array of incredible recipes was so impressive, we wanted to share them here.  You can find each recipe below.

Tracy Bellman’s “Don’t Mock Me Cherry Pie”

Jenny Huffman’s “Thanksgiving Independence Pie”

Bev Ezsol’s “What’s Inside Pie”

Sue Grooms’ “High on the Hog Bourbon Bacon Apple Pie”

June Daley’s “Peanut Butter Proposals Layered with Hot Fudge Lust Pie”

Blair Godshall’s “BaKin’ Chocolate Cream Pie”

Will Reed’s “Better Than Your Mama’s Apple Pie”

Kristi Hoffman’s “Please Let This Be Chocolate Pie”

Victoria Hawley’s “Lemon Daisy Chamomile Pie”

Kierra Carlisle’s “I Don’t Know Why but Sweet Potato Pie”

Teeny Morris’ “Sway With Me, Rosemary Clooney” Rosemary Apple Pie

Stachia Wicker’s Peanut Butter Pie

Ken & Tracy Nilsen’s “Drunken Bacon Whoopie Pie”

Karri Perry’s “Life is What You Bake It Black Forest Pie”

Brittany Muench’s “It Only Takes a Taste” Pie Bites

Abigaile Wells’ “Apple of my Pie”

Sue Cucura’s “Love You to the Luna Pie and Back”

Erin Herman’s “Chilly Chilly Bang Bang” Pie

Gerri Miller’s “When the World Gives You Lemons, Go Banana Splits” Pie

Debi Calhoun’s No Bake Peach Pie

Emily Mitchell’s “Can’t Take It Any S’more” Chocolate Pie

Caine Grimes’ “(Gimme Some) Sugar Cream Pie”

Sarah Chapman’s “My Dismal Dating Life Pie”

Tracy Bellman’s Surprise Inside Pie

Marty Sweeney’s “Goin’ to the Chapple” Cherry Apple Pie

Christina Cisneros “Something to Live For” White Chocolate Peanut Butter Chess Pie


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